Best Practices in ROI Modeling

The FiscalHealth Group has been creating ROI sales tools since 2007, and its principals have many years of ROI modeling expertise from previous positions. We’d like to leverage this experience and expertise by sharing some of our best practices that we use when creating ROI models. We will review modeling approaches and “helpful hints” that have been successful for us in the past, and identify approaches that didn’t resonate so well with our financial audiences.

Valuing Inventory Benefits for an ROI is Complicated – We’re Here to Help!

Inventory is expensive, tying up money that could otherwise be used for more productive investments, such as your product!  In this paper, we’ll help you understand how to value inventory reduction benefits as part of your sales efforts.

Best ROI Measures to Share with CFOs

When providing an ROI analysis for your investment proposal, it is critical to develop your financial analysis in a manner that is credible for CFOs and other economic buyers.  In this installment of our Education Series, we help you understand different ROI measures and how to successfully use and position them in your sales process.

Selling Healthcare IT in a COVID-19 World

We address how, in a post-COVID-19 world, constrained budgets will impact your future sales efforts.  Only proposals that solve a problem, present low risk, and generate a credible and positive ROI will be considered.