Why Work with The FiscalHealth Group?

Healthcare is Our Primary Focus

FHG leverages its unique combination of healthcare, finance, and sales expertise in every engagement.

Sales Experience

Having sold to hundreds of hospital CEOs and CFOs, FHG knows what economic buyers are looking for.

Finance Professionals

FHG are finance experts, leading conversations that show the financial value to organizations.

Partnering With You

We stay engaged, providing ongoing Advisory Services to help you succeed in your sales efforts.

Using FHG vs. In-house Effort

Developing Financial Sales Tools is FHG’s Primary Focus

  • FHG develops world-class sales tools to help sell your solutions.
  • We focus on sales tool development, you focus on marketing, operations, and other priorities.

Faster Time to Value with FHG

  • FHG sales tools are developed within 4 months, your internal effort may take a year or longer.
  • We complete all the work, your internal resources may not have the necessary capacity.

Using FHG vs. Other Consultants

Other consultants don’t have our Healthcare Modeling Expertise

  • Healthcare is our primary focus: with a rare combination of healthcare, sales, and finance experience.
  • FHG sales tools are developed in popular Microsoft applications versus expensive proprietary software.

FHG is not your typical Consulting Company

  • We are cost competitive, providing greater value at a lower price.
  • Most engagements are fixed-fee – no pricing surprises!