The FiscalHealth Group, the “ROI Leaders in Healthcare”, has many years of experience gathering insight and developing financial models supporting the financial ROI of Healthcare IT solutions.  We have modeled the financial benefits for a variety of healthcare organizations, creating sales tools to help our customers successfully sell on the financial value/ROI of their solutions.  Over the years, this ROI modeling experience has created many “Lessons Learned” and we would like to share these modeling experiences with you in this Education Series.

In this Education Series, we will:

  • Address financial modeling topics we consider most important for selling to healthcare organizations
  • Help you understand what economic buyers (i.e., CFO, CEO) consider critical in ROI financial modeling
  • Present robust descriptions of financial modeling concepts that may not be clearly understood by all

This Education Series will help you better understand the strategies, concepts, and challenges of creating a financial ROI and leverage these topics to successfully sell to healthcare organizations.  We will refresh this Education Series frequently and if you have any thoughts, topic recommendations, or feedback, please send us a note (info@thefiscalhealthgroup).