“By using the FVA, I can show my prospects how our solution not only provides the outlined benefits, but it also how it pays for itself in the first year – and can confidently say this “IS” their solution.”

BD | The FiscalHealth Group Customer
BDKate Edwards, Director, Sales
“The FVA model is extremely easy to use and having integrated PowerPoints make fast work of producing presentations of the data for our customers. Having this available has definitely helped close deals!”

HealthymyneNeal Miller, Vice President of Marketing, HealthMyne
“The FVA tool also allows the key buyer to present these findings in a meaningful manner to the C-suite as they are always looking for hard facts before making a buying decision. No contract is concluded without checking all the boxes and the FVA does this.”

SunquestHannah Timms-Cremeans, Strategic Account Executive, Sunquest
The FHG team is professional and thoroughly understands how technologies impact the bottom line. In this ever challenging healthcare environment, with shrinking reimbursement rates and rising costs, this is critical for the health of the clients we serve.

Pipeline RxChuck Dunlop, Executive Vice President - Customer Development & Experience, Pipeline Rx
“The customers were impressed with the level of detail and the thorough approach we can now take when looking at possible benefits they might experience. Showing the benefits in conjunction with the cost and cost avoidance is helping with the budget justification and internal bought in on the customer side.”
Change HealthcareItai Galili, Director of Product Management, Change Healthcare
“The FVA tool was very helpful in establishing a value based discussions with our customers rather than get into the usual feature comparisons. The customers were impressed by our understanding of the value realization to the hospital and patients rather than to the end user. We also found it helpful in enabling our customers to better rationalize the investment in our solutions.”
Change HealthcareRan Rumianek, Senior Director, Enterprise Workflow Solutions. Change Healthcare