Who We Are

The FiscalHealth Group was formed in 2007 to respond to the growing demand in the Healthcare environment, of understanding the financial impact, and value, of different Healthcare solutions.  Provider organizations evaluating any IT solution now demand and expect some type of financial justification, or ROI,  in their purchasing decision.

Together, Curt Magnuson and Michael Wilson have over 40 years experience identifying the Financial Value and ROI of various Healthcare Technology solutions.  Both have a singular focus to assist Healthcare IT vendors identify and communicate this financial value, and create the Sales Tools to effectively communicate this financial message in the sales process.   

  • Comprehensive  experience modeling the financial impact of current Healthcare  challenges such as Population Health Management, shift from FFS to  Value-based Reimbursement, and shared-savings financial models for both  Providers and Payors
  • Clearly  understand the financial and operational impact of Healthcare IT solutions within organizations, and have assisted customers to close sales opportunities using financially-focused Sales Tools
  • Partner with our Customers, with a focus on Customer Service, to ensure the  Sales Tools we create are effectively used, and positioned correctly, to  help close sales opportunities
  • Provide ongoing Customer Support and Advisory Services, to update the Sales Tools we create to meet evolving Customer feature and functionality updates, and ongoing market demands  

FHG is ready to help you identify, and sell, on the financial value of your solutions.