What is a Financial Value Assessment?

FVA Advantage: How to Use in Your Sales Process

An FVA is more than an ROI analysis!  An FVA provides comprehensive financial information that clearly identifies the overall financial value of your solution.  This approach changes your sales messaging, your focus is now on the "Value" your solution brings to a Customer, not the price.

Our FVA's are designed for the busy Sales Professional.  Collecting simple Customer metrics helps you create a customized FVA, identifying the financial value unique to their organization. Our FVA's are easy to use, you don't need to be a spreadsheet or Finance expert to easily show the financial value of your solution, and sell on this Value.

Using a Financial Value Assessment will differentiate you in the sales process.  The FVA will effectively communicate the true financial value of your solution, protect margins, and help your Customer understand the financial value your solution brings to their organization.


Do you know the difference?  An ROI provides limited financial information, with a focus on price.

An FVA provides a comprehensive financial assessment to help you clearly identify, and communicate, the overall value of your solution.