Healthcare IT Vendors

We assist Healthcare IT Vendors by developing customized sales tools and training programs to clearly communicate the financial value of your solutions, concentrating this sales messaging to your customer’s economic buyer.

Tools we create to communicate the financial value of your solution, resulting in increased sales:

  • Excel-based financial assessment models used to quantify the financial impact and
    generate Return on Investment (ROI) measures such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), and Payback period
  • Professional sales presentations that are easy to customize for any client, explain financial benefits, and target your economic buyers (typically the CFO and CEO) while differentiating yourself from your competitors
  • Sales education and training designed to raise your sales team’s comfort level when engaging CFOs; understanding key financial concepts and terms, more in-depth understanding of unique CFO challenges, and how to use the tools FHG creates for your sales team
  • Strategic assessments to help you identify and effectively communicate your solution’s value propositions. You will no longer sell on feature/functionality, you will now refocus your sales efforts by communicating the financial value your solutions deliver
  • Customer case studies to provide CFO-credible proof points to
    support your sales efforts

In the current economic climate, it’s difficult for Healthcare Providers to secure funding for any Healthcare IT investment. We provide the tools to help you communicate an effective, financially-focused sales message to the CFO and CEO. We speak their language!

Critical variables we consider in every engagement:

  • We specifically target the economic buyers – typically the CFO and CEO
    • Typically the key decision makers and the most difficult to influence
    • Many economic buyers require a financial value assessment before any purchasing decision
  • The ROI presentation is a key tool for your sales success
    • Transparent financial calculations and support for all assumptions
    • Conservative calculation methodology and multiple financial scenarios
  • We explain the rationale and logic behind each solution’s financial impact
    • If rationale is not supported, economic buyers will likely dismiss the financial impact
    • Critical to any customer, and increases potential to accept the financial impact of any solution and its features and functionality
  • We understand the sensitivity of any labor-related benefit
    • Many of these labor benefits have already been realized
    • Very difficult to realize any partial labor impact
  • Our financial models and presentations lead to a credible financial conclusion
    • Our sales tools provide a range of achievable financial benefits
    • Financial calculation methodology is clearly stated and based on realistic assumptions
  • We know the bigger the financial impact is not necessarily better
    • If the financial impact is too big, you lose credibility with your economic buyer
    • Better to have a credible financial impact versus a large unrealistic impact
  • We include the ROI measures that CFOs typically use in their purchasing decisions
    • Economic buyers focus on the IRR and NPV of many Healthcare IT investment decisions
    • Other companies use ROI calculations by dividing total benefits by total investment costs

Our financially-focused sales tools have been developed to effectively communicate the financial value of your Healthcare IT solutions, targeting your sales message to CFOs and CEOs.

In the current economic climate, and in this age of Healthcare Reform, it is extremely difficult for any Healthcare Provider to secure funding for Healthcare IT investments

  • Hospital operating margins are small, averaging between 2.5% – 3.0%
  • Healthcare Providers are reacting to many Healthcare Reform issues, including reduced reimbursements and participation in ACOs
  • New investments are required to implement the mandated switch to ICD-10
  • Many Healthcare Providers are in the middle of significant capital investments to purchase and implement certified EHR systems in an effort to achieve “meaningful use” under ARRA’s HITECH Act.

As a result of this unprecedented spending on Healthcare IT applications, funds for any Healthcare IT investment are scarce. We supply the sales tools needed to differentiate your company from competitors, provide a compelling financially-focused sales message, and clearly communicate the financial value of your solutions to your customers.