Fascinating That Many EHR Users Are Already Looking To Switch

Is it too soon to expect Physician Practices to switch EHR Vendors?  Apparently not as Erin McCann, Associate Editor at Healthcare IT News, reports in her February 19, 2013 article EHR users unhappy, many switching.

“With more electronic health record systems continuing to fall short of providers’ expectations, a new report by Black Book Rankings suggests that 2013 may indeed be the year of the great EHR vendor switch.”

McCann further reports, in citing the Black Book Rankings

“Out of those EHR users considering a system switch, 80 percent said the solution does not meet the practices’ individual needs; 79 percent indicated that the medical practice had not adequately assessed the group’s needs before choosing the EHR; 77 percent of respondents cited solution design as ill-fitted for their medical practice or specialty; and 44 percent said vendors have been unresponsive to requests. “

This certainly opens the door for the more than 600 Physician Practice EHR vendors to increase their market share at the expense of under-performing EHR vendors.

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